London ABA Tournament Fixtures

To find out more information about the below fixtures contact the club or London ABA.

London show permits dates

Reminder: An ‘application to hold a boxing tournament permit form’ must be completed along with payment in order to reserve a show date.

Reminder: It has been proposed by the London Council due to a shortage of officials that only 3 club shows can be booked per club for the season.

February 2024

Joe’s Boxing 03/02/2024

Waltham Cross 03/02/2024

Kings Gym 10/02/2024

Honour & Glory 11/02/2024

Schools Sunday 11th February – Finals

Balham ABC 17/02/2024

Broad St 17/02/2024

XBOX 18/02/2024

Juniors Friday 23rd February 2024 – Closing date for entry

Hanwell 24/02/2024

March 2024

Juniors Sunday 3rd March – Quarter Finals

London Military 08/03/2024

Athletic boxing and fitness 09/03/2024

Juniors Sunday 10th March – Semi Finals

Juniors Sunday 17th March – Finals

Haddenham 23/03/2024

Balham ABC 23/03/2024

April 2024

Marvels Lane 05/04/2024

Yorkshire Select Vs NE Select 06/04/2024

Holdings 13/04/2024

Kings ABC 13/04/2024

Honour & Glory 14/04/2024

XBOX 14/04/2024

Eltham 19/04/2024

Kettering ABC 20/04/2024

Balham 20/04/2024

Joe’s Boxing 20/04/2024

Dalgano ABC 27/04/2024

New Addington 27/04/2024

Ringside Gibraltar 27/04/2024

Ringside Gibraltar 28/04/2024

May 2024

Senior Open Friday 3rd May 2024 – Closing date for entry

Southall ABC 04/05/2024

Ruislip ABC 05/05/2024

Fightin’ Fit 05/05/2024

Kings ABC 11/05/2024

Gator ABC 11/05/2024

Senior Open Sunday 12th May Quarter Finals

Senior Open Sunday 19th May Semi Finals

Waltham Cross 25/05/2024

Senior Open Sunday 26th May Finals 

June 2024

Pedro’s 01/06/2024

Kemsing 01/06/2024

Honour & Glory 02/06/2024 

Broad Street 08-09/06/2024 (Box Cup)

Marvels Lane/Bromley 15/06/2024

Joe’s Boxing 15/06/2024

XBOX 29-30/06/2024 (Box Cup)

When you send permit dates for the coming season can fill in a permit form with it please only London permit form’s which are London website