About The London Amateur Boxing Association

The London Amateur Boxing Association 

The London Amateur Boxing Association was formed in 1949 and is made up of four divisions. These being North West, North East, South West and South East. The Hon. Secretary for the association is Keith Walters OBE who was the Chairman of the Amateur Boxing Association of England. The current President is Dave McCann who has served many years the association and North East Division. Ron Philipson is the Registrar and has many years experience. The association is the most successful for producing gold medals.

Olympic Champions and Gold Medallists

Richard Gunn                      Featherweight                    London Olympics 1908

Fredrick Grace                    Lightweight                         London Olympics 1908

John Douglas                      Middleweight                     London Olympics 1908

Harry Michel                       Light Heavyweight           London Olympics 1908

Albert Oldman                    Heavyweight                      London Olympics 1908

Harry Mallin                       Middleweight                     Antwerp Olympics 1920

Ronald Rawson                  Heavyweight                      Antwerp Olympics 1920

Harry Mallin                       Middleweight                    Paris Olympics 1924

Terry Spinks                       Flyweight                            Rome Olympics 1960

Chris Finnegan                  Middleweight                     Mexico City Olympics 1968

Audley Harrison                Super Heavyweight          Sydney Olympics 2000

James Degale                     Middleweight                    Beijing Olympics 2008

Nicola Adams                     Flyweight                           London Olympics 2012

Anthony Joshua                 Super Heavyweight         London Olympics 2012

Nicola Adams                    Flyweight                            Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016